Wholesale Silver Jewellery!

Dazzling Designs, Beautifully Crafted! 

Our Stunning Silver Jewelery Will Have Your Customers Coming Back For More!

We create breathtaking jewelry to satisfy everyone's desire! Only the best materials, gemstones and workmanship go into our creations! High quality 925K  Silver will amaze your customers!

Beautifully Designed Pendants

We carry a wide variety of well designed, classic, demure and flirty pendants to suit any occasion. Over  150 stunning designs to choose from to please all of your customers! Intricate design of agate, garnet, ruby, emerald, and many others.

Dazzling Gems In Pendants

Vivid, brilliant colors. Attention grabbing, high quality gems set delicately in glamourous pendants! Gorgeous designs to stand out at any occasion! 

Hello Wow!

Turquoise, emeralds, opal and moonstone create this eye catching necklace. We carry over 100 designs, well crafted, showstopper necklaces. Wow your Customers with designs that grab attention at any occasion, and make a memorable impression! 

Beautiful Emeralds!

Well designed, well crafted! Emerald gemstone nestled among dazzling zirconias, set in 925K Silver, gives this collection of necklaces a must have desire! We carry over 100 gemstone designs for your best Customers!

Gemstone Earrings!

Brilliant color, first class gems, delicately nestled in top of the line 925K Silver. Craftsmanship par excellence! This is the jewelry which gets Customers to shop and then shop some more! 

Gorgeous Earrings!

Delicate yet extravagant! These stunning earrings have the wow factor! Intricate workmanship, jaw-dropping gemstones which you can't take your eyes off! We have over 100 designs for your Customers!

Tempting Tiger Eye!

This collection has the inspiration of earthy tones, hints of stars, brought to life with Tiger Eye gemstones and dazzling in 925K Silver brilliance! Great for everyday wear, yet stunning for any occasion. We carry a wide selection to choose from! 

Red Agate Pendant, Ring & Earring Set

Red agate! Women dazzle in red! And these are the earrings, ring and pendant set that will get hearts racing! Beautifully finished. We have gemstones of every type. Over 100 designs to choose from. 

Exquisite Rings!

Brilliant yet calming gemstones set perfectly in stunning 925K Silver. This collection of rings leave a lasting impression! We have over 100 designs in a variety of gemstones!

Show-Stopper Rings!

Superb color, show stopping designs to suit all tastes! We carry a large assortment of wonderfully crafted rings for men and women. Your Customers will be dazzled and pleased with our collection!

High Quality Men's Rings!

Well crafted, fabulous designs for men. Excellent workmanship make these rings stand above the crowd! We have a wide variety of designs and gemstones to choose from. These are high-demand rings!

Eye-Catching Bracelets!

We have some of the most stunning bracelets you have ever laid eyes on! Superb color and contrast in the gemstones, set in brilliant 925K Silver. A wide assortment will thrill your Customers! 

What Our Buyers Say? 

Dazzling Display!

Over 100 Styles!

Stunning Earrings!

Exquisite gemstone colors!

Impeccable Workmanship!

Excellent Designs!

Intricate Designs!

Wide Collection Available!

Something For Everyone!

Stunning Variety! 

Customers Love It!

Always Something Special!

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